With much delight and relief, it is now possible to publish the full calendar for SCCC 2019


April 6/7 - Wickenby (in collaboration with NORC)

June 15/16 - Forrest Estate with BXCC (choice of Nat A or Nat B event)

July 6/7- Aberdeenshire (tbc choice of two sites)

August 17/18 - Bathgate (in collaboration with SLROC) 

September 28/29 - Crimond (night)

November 16/17 - Borders HR


If you want to enter the Championship, your entry form must be with Helen Gentleman before the first round. 

This year, two rounds can be dropped. This is partly due to the fact that you can enter the Nat A or the Nat B at Forrest Estate. Points from both of these count towards the Championship

Competitors Tyres for 2019

The advice for Wickenby is to take old tyres of any type from approved lists, as the site utilities an old airfield. 


Permitted tyres for the remaining rounds are as follows:

June 15/16 - Forrest Estate (list A, all-terrain types)

July 6/7- Aberdeenshire (any from list A, B or C)

August 17/18 - Bathgate (list A, all-terrain types)

September 28/29 - Crimond (any from list A, B or C)

November 16/17 - Borders HR (list A, all-terrain types)



It'll be the first time at Bathgate on All-Terrains, but the course will be designed to suit. It was a condition of the land owner allowing SCCC access.