Round 4 will be set on the fast tracks of Forrest Estate, an ever popular site used by the "Borders" Hill Rally, the British Cross Country Championship, and as a testing ground for several Rallies teams.

This event will also county towards the NORC championship, and we welcome the NORC competitors to the event.

AND, as a one-off, this event will also be used for the Cross Country Inter-Association Championship. Very popular in other branches of motor-sport, Inter Association championships are annual events (one per discipline), where the MSA Regional Association get to duke it out and find out which has the best competitors in that field. 

The Cross Country championship was first proposed by Roger Reid, the former chairman of the Scottish Regional Association (and Scotland East before East & West merged.)

For more details on the Inter Association part of the event, refer to Article 30 of the Supplementary Regulations (in brief: up to 3 teams; each team is 2 vehicles; you can be part of an Association team and do your normal championship at the same time.)

Supplementary Regulations are available:

Entries will open on the 1st April :